custom fabrication


Eastern Power Tech can cut tubing and does instrumentation fabrication work.  Also, through a partnership with our affiliate, Eastern Industrial Supplies, Inc, Eastern Power Tech has the ability to straight cut or miter cut pipe up to 16″ diameter.  We can thread carbon, galvanized, and stainless pipe up to 4″.  We can roll groove 2″-16″ in carbon, galvanized, or stainless and 2″-6″ copper pipe.  In addition, these services can be used for special order nipples and fittings.  Eastern Power Tech also provides pipe coating and wrapping for gas service.

Eastern Power Tech is proud to provide products that are suited to your specifications.  If you need products sandblasted, cleaned, bagged, or shipped in a certain way, we are here to make certain your product is up to par with your needs.

Tubing and Instrumentation fabrication done in-house.

*Please contact our team if you require products with custom dimensions.

Custom Dimension Products

Custom Dimensions